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Turkey Tour by TAN team - 2017 edition - a summary

TAN team has just returned home after more than 4 weeks on the road. The main goal of our expedition was to reach the northernmost region of Turkey and visit numerous archaeological and historical sights on the way there and back.

During 29 days of the expedition, we travelled around the country, covering the distance of more than 6,000 kilometres. We made 14,000 photos and visited around 50 archaeological sites, historical towns and stand alone structures.

TAN tour 2017 route
TAN tour 2017 route

Loryma Bay

The bay of Loryma, also known as Bozukkale, is located near the southern tip of the Bozburun Peninsula which extends about 34 km southwest of Marmaris. Its distance from the island and the city of Rhodes is only 22 km as the crow flies and in clear weather, the houses and harbour facilities of the city of Rhodes can be discerned in the distance even with the naked eye.

Fig. 3. View from the acropolis of Loryma across the bay
Fig. 3. View from the acropolis of Loryma across the bay

Antalya, Side and Alanya. TAN Travel Guide - a book published by TAN team

Antalya, Side and Alanya. TAN Travel Guide

Antalya, Side and Alanya: TAN Travel Guide has been prepared for the travelers who intend to spend active holidays on the Turkish Riviera. If you want not only to relax and sunbathe, but also visit some interesting places and archeological sites, this is the book for you. It will help you to get acquainted with the most important information about Turkey and its southern coast, to plan the entire trip and to select the places worth seeing. History lovers will be able to use it to locate rarely visited ruins of ancient cities, the seekers of beautiful landscapes will find tips on the most attractive viewpoints, and the gourmets will get numerous suggestions for the best restaurants in the region.


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