Glenn's Corner

One More Greek Tragedy

Text by Glenn Maffia

I am desperately trying to withhold my boiling anger at this moment, for if I were to vent my spleen, it would serve no purpose. And my purpose is to enlighten some minds which reside within a twilight world of dimness.

The dinner party for members of a company called Koç Holdings in the Pronaos of the Temple of Apollo must be, to any person possessing a sensibility, anathema. Whilst the hoisting in of a Grand Piano by a heavy-duty crane which is contrary to the, albeit rather liquid, regulations in place which define this area as a protected status, is tantamount to silly.
Here we have one of the greatest and most famous of ancient structures, one that would have been on the list of the Ancient Wonders of the World if only it were fully completed, hired out to a commercial company. 'Aghast' is probably the least offensive of the words I could summon at this point.

Temple of Apollo in Didyma
Temple of Apollo in Didyma



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