Byzantine Secrets of Istanbul - now available

Byzantine Secrets of Istanbul

We are happy to announce the publication of the new book Byzantine Secrets of Istanbul devoted to the little known historical monuments of Istanbul from the times of the Byzantine Empire. The book is now available on Amazon in the paperback version and as the Kindle e-book. Additionally, it is possible to purchase the e-book version from Google Play.

About the book

Byzantine Secrets of Istanbul is the book that tells the stories about a dozen of less-known historical structures located in Istanbul from the times when this city, as Constantinople, was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. My ambition as the author was not to describe the most famous of these buildings, such as the great Basilica of Hagia Sophia or the Basilica Cistern. These objects are the main tourist attractions and as such are visited by thousands of travellers daily. Moreover, possibly too many books about them have already been published.

The aim of this book is to take its readers on the journey of discovery and help them find the forgotten treasures of Byzantium, hidden among the narrow streets of the city. While it can be treated as a handy guidebook to the described sites, I hope to deliver something more than dry facts and to weave the tale about the people who once lived in Constantinople and adorned it with beautiful monuments.

The chapters can be read separately, but they are arranged chronologically. The selection of the places was inspired by the wish of diversity, so you can read about churches, columns, cisterns, and palaces. If you happen to have a day or three to spend in the search of the Byzantine secrets of Turkey's largest city, this is just the beginning. And if the book is kindly received, there are so many other Byzantine-era monuments in the city that they will fill many more such books.