Gallipoli Peninsula and the Troad. TAN Travel Guide - a new book published by TAN team

Gallipoli Peninsula and the Troad. TAN Travel Guide

Gallipoli Peninsula and the Troad. TAN Travel Guide has been prepared for the travellers who intend to spend active holidays exploring the northwestern part of Turkey, especially the Gallipoli Peninsula and the Troad regions. If you want not only to relax and sunbathe, but also to visit some interesting places and archaeological sites, this is the book for you. It will help you to get acquainted with the most important information about Turkey and its northwestern part, to plan the entire trip and to select the places worth seeing. History lovers will be able to use it to locate rarely visited ruins of ancient cities, the seekers of beautiful landscapes will find tips on the most attractive viewpoints, and the gourmets will get numerous suggestions for the best restaurants in the region.

The guidebook is divided into four main sections, organized geographically. They represent, respectively, the areas of the Gallipoli Peninsula, the Northern Troad and the Southern Troad, plus the Turkish islands on the Aegean Sea. In each section, you will find in-depth descriptions of main towns, historic sites and natural treasures located in the area. The description of each of these places provides its exact location, and, where it is essential, the opening hours, ticket prices and other practical information. In the case of cities, an important element of this guide are the sections outlining accommodation options, including hotels and campsites, as well as restaurants, shops and malls, and the issues related to public transport. These places have also been marked on specially prepared maps.

In addition to the main sections, Gallipoli Peninsula and the Troad. TAN Travel Guide includes additional chapters, collected in the Appendices section. They are devoted to the most important issues related to travelling to Turkey. You will find out what you need to remember before visiting this country, learn the main facts concerning the inhabitants of Turkey, the geography of the country, and its cuisine. You will also find advice on purchases and payments as well as weather information. You will also find chapters devoted to the history of Greek settlement in this area, as well as to the Battle of Gallipoli. The final part of this guidebook is a bibliography that provides suggestions for further reading about the Troad and the Gallipoli Peninsula.

As this guidebook is in an electronic form, an interactive table of contents should prove to be of a great convenience while reading, so that you can find the answer to any question immediately. Moreover, in all chapters, you will find many active links that help you to move quickly to specific parts of the book, without tedious leafing through it.

Gallipoli Peninsula and the Troad. TAN Travel Guide can be purchased from Amazon and Google Play.