Turkish Museums Videos - visiting archaeological sites from home

Theatre of the Asclepieion in Pergamon
Theatre of the Asclepieion in Pergamon

In these times, difficult for many of us, every initiative that enables visiting or revisiting museums and archaeological sites is of great importance and should be promoted. In the previous post devoted to this subject, we have shown you the possibility of the Virtual Tours of the Turkish Museums. Today, we want to invite you to watch the series of documentaries prepared by the Turkish Museums Channel. The first series is Excavation Sites in 5 Questions. In these films, the most famous and important archaeological sites located in Turkey are presented by the scholars who are the heads of the excavations. The films are either in English or have English subtitles.

In these short films, they answer five questions to introduce their research area to the general audience:

  1. Could you give us general information about your excavation site?
  2. Why was your excavation site preferred when it was actively used?
  3. What is the importance of your excavation site in historical geography?
  4. Why should we visit your excavation site as a traveller or visitor?
  5. What are your goals and dreams about your excavation site for the future?

The following archaeological sites have been presented so far in this series of short documentaries:

  • Aizanoi is presented by professor Elif Özer
  • Alexandria Troas is presented by professor Erhan Öztepe
  • Assos is presented by professor Nurettin Arslan
  • Ayanis Castle is shown by professor Mehmed Işıklı
  • Euromos and its Temple of Zeus is discussed by professor Abuzer Kızıl
  • Karain Cave is shown by professor Harun Taşkıran
  • Kibyra is discussed by doctor Şükrü Özüdoğru
  • Kızılin Cave is discussed by professor Metin Kartal
  • Knidos is presented by professor Ertekin Doksanaltı
  • Laodikeia is shown by professor Celal Şimşek
  • Magnesia is shown by professor Orhan Bingöl
  • Parion is discussed by professor Vedat Keleş
  • Patara is presented by professor Havva Işık
  • Pergamon is presented by professor Felix Pirson
  • Stratonikeia and Lagina are presented by professor Bilal Söğüt
  • Teos is presented by professor Musa Kadıoğlu
  • Troy is presented by professor Rüstem Aslan
  • Zeugma is presented by professor Kutalmış Görkay

Another cycle of short films has also been recently initiated. It is devoted to the History of Medicine. At the moment, the following documentaries have been published:

  • With its rich flora and natural resources, Anavarza is the birthplace of the famous physician and pharmacologist Dioscorides, who is considered as the father of pharmacology. It is believed that he wrote his 5-volume encyclopedia on herbal medicine (De materia medica) here.
  • With its fresh air and unique natural beauty, Knidos has been one of the most well-known health and healing centres throughout history. After these difficult times, it will be waiting for you to come and refresh yourself.
  • Pergamon Asklepion is a healing complex built in the 4th century BC in honour of Asclepius, the God of Healing. Let's take a closer look at one of Western Anatolia's most important ancient treatment centres.
  • Ephesus - an important center of science and culture - played an important role in the history of medicine with its famous physicians, huge library and contests for new discoveries in the field.