Visiting museums and archaeological sites in Turkey - how to check opening times and ticket prices?

Pamukkale ticket booth
Pamukkale ticket booth

Travelers interested in visiting archaeological sites and museums in Turkey frequently face a very basic question: is this particular site currently available for visitors? And if so, how much does the ticket cost? Naturally, it is possible to check this out in guidebooks or on various websites, Turkish Archaeological News portal included. However, the opening hours and ticket prices are changed regularly, and some venues are temporarily closed because of renovation, restoration, or other reasons.

Therefore, we strongly recommend searching for this kind of information on official websites of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The first website is an official website about museums and archaeological sites. It has an English language version, so it is easy to use. However, there are some serious problems related to this site. First of all, to check info on a particular museum, you need to know in which province it is situated. You can also use the search engine to find it, so this issue is a minor one.

The bigger problem is that the number of museums and sites presented on this website is very limited. We will give you an example: if you choose Adana Province, you will discover that there is info only on one venue in this province, namely - the Adana Archaeological Museum. Surely there are more museums and archaeological sites in the area of this province, but they are not mentioned there.

What is the conclusion? The official website is very useful for checking visiting hours and admission fees for the most popular museums and archaeological sites in the area of Turkey. However, if you are interested in less-known places, you have to look for information elsewhere.

Luckily, there is another official website of Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism where you can check if the archaeological site or the museum you want to visit is open or temporarily closed. It also provides information about the prices of the entrance tickets. If you perform the simple 'Adana' test while visiting this website, you will discover that it provides info about not one, but five museums and archaeological site in this province, including the famous site of Anavarza.

Unfortunately, this comprehensive website is available only in Turkish. Therefore we have prepared for you this short and simple dictionary:

  • İL - Province
  • MÜZE ADI - Name of a museum [or an archaeological site]
  • FİYATI - Ticket price
  • ÜCRETSİZ - Free of charge [there no need to buy a ticket]
  • MEVCUT DURUMU - Current situation [information if the site is currently closed for visitors]
  • KAPALI - Closed for visitors
  • KISMEN KAPALI - Partly closed for visitors