Early Ottoman Art: The Legacy of the Emirates

TitleEarly Ottoman Art: The Legacy of the Emirates
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsÖney G, Bulut L, Çakmak Ş, Daş E, Demir A, Demiralp Y, Kuyulu İ, Ünal R
Series TitleMuseum With No Frontiers International Exhibition Cycle : Islamic Art in the Mediterranean: Turkey
Number of Pages250
Publisherrans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN Number1874044457
Keywordsarchitecture, art, Edirne, Ottoman
AbstractThis volume in the Museum with No Frontiers Exhibition series contains four introductory essays on Islamic art in the Mediterranean, 14th- and 15th-century western Anatolian history and art and social life in Emirates and Early Ottoman periods. The rest of the book contains eight itineraries for exploring the sites and monuments of Turkey which take nine days to complete. Details on location, with maps, and the types of monuments and sites that can be visited are included, along with lots of colour photographs and plans.