Conservation and restoration at the Ilyas Bey mosque complex, Miletos (Balat)

TitleConservation and restoration at the Ilyas Bey mosque complex, Miletos (Balat)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsEskici B, Kabaoğlu C
JournalStudies in Conservation
Abstract The Ilyas Bey Mosque complex, situated in the ancient city of Miletos (Balat, Aydın) on the Western Anatolian coast was built in the early fifteenth century ad . The buildings of the complex serve a variety of functions such as mosque, madrasa and baths and are among the outstanding examples of the middle-period Turkish art in terms of their architectural and decorative qualities. Apart from the Mosque, the buildings have undergone great destruction after losing their functions. The salvation of these monuments, which have been neglected for years, and their repair to ensure their survival. has become an issue of high priority. The conservation project that was based on this approach was designed as two phases: research and subsequent implementation. The work was begun in October 2007.