Abdurrahman Hıbri

TitleAbdurrahman Hıbri
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKreiser K
Access Date2020
PublisherThe University of Chicago
KeywordsEdirne, historian, writer
AbstractA.H. was the son of the müderris Habbazzade Hasan Efendi (d. 10 Ramadan 1039/23 April 1630), nicknamed salbaş (lit. “with a tittering head”). Another son of Hasan Efendi was Abdülqadir (d. 1087/1676), who served as a qadi in several Anatolian towns. Due to a confusion created by Şeyhi, the careers and dates of death of Abdurrahman and Abdülqadir Efendis have been widely purported in the research literature and catalogues, before they were corrected by Mücteba İlgürel. A.H.’s son Feyzullah Efendi (d. 1123/1712) completed the picture of an archetypically provincial family of ulema by entering the path of the ilmiyye.