The End of the Byzantine City in Anatolia. The Case of Miletus

TitleThe End of the Byzantine City in Anatolia. The Case of Miletus
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsNiewöhner P
Book TitleStädte im lateinischen Westen und im griechischen Osten zwischen Spätantike und Früher Neuzeit
PublisherBöhlau Verlag
ISBN Number978-3-205-20288-2
AbstractThe history of research that Paul Magdalino has so beautifully laid out in this volume keeps silent about the end of Byzantine urbanism in Anatolia and what the Seljuk Turks did with the Byzantine cities when they conquered the region from the late eleventh century onwards. Would this be a profitable new avenue of research, possibly revealing the otherwise enigmatic middle Byzantine city through its Seljuk continuation? Following the example of Syria and Palestine, where Islamic urbanism continued and preserved essential features of its Byzantine forerunner, in a case like Damascus up to the present day? Like the Umayyads, the Seljuks too were essentially townspeople who would surely have known to appreciate and use a pre-existing urban infrastructure like streets and sewers, aqueducts and baths, houses and palaces, walls and citadels, all of which they built them- selves.