Prehistoric Thrace

TitlePrehistoric Thrace
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsNikolov V, Băčvarov K, Kalchev P
Conference NamePrehistoric Thrace
PublisherNational Institute of Archaeology and Museum (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) / Regional Museum of History - Stara Zagora
Conference LocationStara Zagora, Bulgaria
ISBN Number954-91587-1-3
KeywordsEdirne, Thrace
AbstractTable of contents P. Kalchev. Forty Years since Tell Azmak excavаtions V. Nikolov. Dynamics of the Cultural Processes in Neolithic Thrace J. Lichardus, I. Iliev. Die relative Chronologie des Neolithikums und der Kupferzeit in der Mikroregion von Drama und die Verbindungen zu Zentralthrakien J. Chapman. Categorical Analysis of Neolithic and Copper Age Pottery from Bulgaria N. Elenski. Cultural Contacts of North-Central Bulgaria with Thrace and the Marmara Area in the Early Neolithic K. Leshtakov. Pottery with Incised and Channeled Ornamentation from the Early Neolithic Site at Yabalkovo in the Maritsa River Valley I. Gatsov. Chipped Stone Collection from Menteşe, NW Anatolia D. Karastoyanova. The Middle Neolithic Karanovo I—III Ceramic Assemblage of Tell Kazanlak V. Vandova. Late Neolithic Clay Vessels with Graphitized Surface from the Struma Valley M. Grębska-Kulova. Cultural Changes in the Second Half of the 6th mill. BC in Southwestern Bulgaria K. Băčvarov. The Birth-Giving Pot: Neolithic jar burials in Southeast Europe L. Nikolova. Notes on the Study of Early Social Reproduction in Thrace (based on data from Neolithic mortuary practices) L. Berger. Anthropomorphe und zoomorphe Statuetten der Stufen Karanovo II-III bis III-IV aus dem Nordsüd-Schnitt am Tell Karanovo S. Hansen. Neolithische Statuetten aus Aşağı Pınar in Türkisch-Thrakien Y. Boyadzhiev. Late Neolithic Sunken Houses in Thrace P. Kalchev. The Transition from Late Neolithic to Early Chalcolithic in the Stara Zagora Area A. Chohadzhiev. Weights and/or Spools: Distribution and interpretation of the Neolithic “cocoon-like loom-weights” M. Gurova. Evolution and Retardation: Flint assemblages from Tell Karanovo T. Tsonev. Long blades in the context of East Balkan and Anatolian early complex sedentary societies D. Vollmann. Die neolithischen Häuser von Drama-Gerena F. Fecht. Karanovo V-zeitliche Häuser von Drama-Merdžumekja S. Hiller. Zur Entwicklung der Siedlungsstruktur von Tell Karanovo C. Lichter. Raumnutzung und Siedlungsorganisation im neolithischen und kupferzeitlichen Thrakien und umliegenden Regionen A. Raduncheva. Neolithic and Chalcolithic Buildings of Unusual Ground Plans and Their Interiors N. Todorova. Some Aspects of the Late Chalcolithic Settlement Patterns in the Eastern Parts of Upper Thrace B. Gaydarska. GIS approaches to settlement pattern studies in Thrace F. Lang. Chronologisch sensible Knochengerättypen am Beispiel Tell Karanovo I. Aslanis, Y. Boyadzhiev. Fleischdeponierung in der chalkolithischen Siedlung von Yunatsite S. Terzijska-Ignatova. Late Chalcolithic Zoomorphs from Tell Yunatsite V. Mazanova. Spätchalkolithische Metallfunde aus Tell Junazite Gebiet Pazardjik V. Balabina, T. Mishina. Problems of Palaeoecological Reconstructions Based on Tell Materials S. Chohadzhiev. Three-Fingered Anthropomorphs: origins and territorial distribution V. Petrova. The Ceramic Assemblage of the Late Chalcolithic Karanovo VI Culture, Phase III M. Hristov. Cultural Reference of a Certain Group of Anthropomorphic Vessels from the Chalcolithic V. Gergov. Telish-Redutite: Synchronization With Sites in Thrace L. Pernicheva. Chalcolithic Anthropomorphic Figurines from Tell Kirilovo, Stara Zagora District T. Kănčeva-Ruseva. Schmuck und Kleidung des prahistorischen Menschen (auf Grund des Fundmaterials aus dem chalkolithischen Siedlungshugel Sadievo, Südostbulgarien) A. Hauzeur. Obsidian Sources in Southeast Bulgaria P. Leshtakov. Graphite Deposits and Some Aspects of Graphite Use and Distribution in Bulgarian Chalcolithic D. Kisyov. Graphite Ornamentation Technology of Copper Age Pottery in Thrace