The Byzantine Architecture of Thrace: the View from Constantinople

TitleThe Byzantine Architecture of Thrace: the View from Constantinople
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsOusterhout R
Conference Name Byzantine Thrace Evidence and Remains
Date Published2011
Conference LocationKomotini
Keywordsarchitecture, Byzantine, Edirne, Thrace
Abstract As the heartland of the Byzantine Empire and the hinterland of Constantinople, the region of Thrace preserves a rich and varied architectural heritage that both reflects and deviates from that of the capital. While Thrace offers many parallels for the buildings of the Constantinople, at the same time, it presents a variety of uniquearchitectural solutions. In this paper, I will offer a brief overview of theByzantine architecture of Thrace, emphasizing how the monuments of region both broaden and challenge our traditional picture of architecturaldevelopments in the Byzantine capital. It is worth remembering at theoutset that Constantinople preserves less than 10% of the churches andmonasteries known from the Byzantine period, and that for Thrace, thesurvival rate is much lower.