The Ottoman Cities Of The Balkans

TitleThe Ottoman Cities Of The Balkans
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsPinon P
Book TitleThe City in the Islamic World
ISBN Number9789004162402
KeywordsArabic, Balkans, city, Edirne, Islamic
AbstractThe city of which spoken here is a formation consisting of morphological structures and urban fabrics. It is the city, on the one hand, of the general organization of quarters, major road layouts and urban facilities; and, on the other, that of residential fabrics, of secondary layouts and parcel divisions, and of facilities within quarters. It describes these structures and fabrics, of course, also tries to understand them in relation to ethnic, economic, social, and judicial phenomena. The objective is, however, less to explain than to reveal. In this way the study of urban forms in the Ottoman world may, with the help of other procedures, contribute towards a definition of what the Ottoman city is, and towards distinguishing certain areas within the Ottoman Empire; distinguishing, for instance, between central provinces and Balkan and Arab ones, as is currently done.