Lucian, Works

TitleLucian, Works
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1913
AuthorsSamosatensis L, Harmon A.
Series TitleLoeb Classical Library
PublisherHarvard University Press
ISBN Number978-0674990159
KeywordsCommagene, Lucian, poet, Samosata, works
AbstractSatire blends with comic art in Lucian's tales, fantasies, and dialogues. With ebullient wit he mocks teachers of literature, the various philosophical schools, popular religions, historians and writers, the Olympian gods, and the foibles of mortals. In The Dream he jocularly recounts his own career. Native of Samosata on the Euphrates, Lucian traveled widely in the Roman Empire as far as Gaul. His 80 extant works (published here in 8 volumes) offer insight on the intellectual world of the second century CE along with mischievous and sophisticated entertainment.